Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm no longer a student!

I'm done with school!!  Now I can concentrate on getting everything ready for the baby to get here.

I had a doctor's appointment today; Connor is head down and low.  I'm a week away from full term, so if I go into labor in the next week or so he'll try and stop it, but Connor is getting big enough that if he really wanted to come, he would probably be ok and not have problems.  Anytime after next week, if I go into labor, I'll get a baby!

My doctor didn't say anything to make me think that he'll come early, but was basically just saying that if he did, he'd be ok.  Since Bryan and I are moving in a week and a half, I hope that Connor can hang out long enough for us to get settled in our new place at least, and I hope that moving doesn't send me into labor!  I'm getting REALLY uncomfortable but I want a healthy baby, so Connor can keep cooking as long as he needs to.  If he decides he wants to come out soon, I'd be ok with that too :)

It's getting so much more real; I could literally have a baby at any time!  I can't wait until I can post pictures of my outside baby!

Speaking of pictures, my good friend Bret ( took some maternity portraits of me today, and I can't wait to get some from him so I can post them!!

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