Friday, April 9, 2010

BUSY day!

So today my sister, Tania, was trying to get everything ready for my baby shower on Sunday (tomorrow is pretty full, so we had to try and get everything done today).  I went to the grocery store, then to her house, then we baked cakes, then me, Tania, and her two kids went to Target, Babies R Us, Party City, Ross, and Dollar Tree.  Back to her house, back to the store, back to her house to make frosting and put the cake together.

Next I went home to Bryan, who had also been running errands all day, including going to the post office, getting my smog checked, figuring out paperwork for medical bills from over a year ago, and a few other things.

Once I got home, we had to leave almost immediately to meet our friends for dinner (Happy Birthday Lillian!).  Now we're back home cleaning the house and getting ready for my mother in law Kimberly to get in town tomorrow.  We've done the dishes and straightened up downstairs, and now we're working on laundry and the top floor.  Then it's shower time, and I have to finish knitting a hat tonight.

Tomorrow is just as packed; I need to go to the post office in the morning while Bryan is showing a car jack to someone who might want to buy it.  Then Kimberly gets in town, we'll hopefully have lunch together, and Bryan needs to leave for work, and I need to leave to attend a baby shower (which, consequently, is the reason I need to finish knitting that hat tonight).  After the baby shower my brother Christopher is taking me to see West Side Story (yay!) and I'll hopefully find time to see Chiara (who also gets in town tomorrow).

Phew!!  So I'll try and find a couple minutes to update over the next couple days, but since I'm sneaking away from laundry duty (which I need to get back to) to update right now, I don't know if I'll find the time.  But YAY for my baby shower this weekend!!!  I just wish we had more time and less to do before it got here :)

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