Thursday, September 30, 2010

We saw the allergist yesterday

He did a scratch test for basic allergens (milk, soy, wheat, egg), and they came out negative. This doesn't mean that C isn't allergic, it means that he won't react with hives or a respiratory issue, which is good.  The doctor said that he most likely has what is called eosinophilic proctocolitis.  It's when his body has an immune reaction to certain foods/proteins when they reach his lower digestive tract.

He told me to continue avoiding dairy and soy, but nothing else should be causing problems.  Since the last time I tried to reintroduce some foods there was a mild reaction, I thought I'd try again and see if maybe he just had a bad day before.  Well I ate wheat yesterday, and 3-4 hours later C got super fussy.  I thought, "well we saw the doctor today, he got poked for the test, he didn't nap well because we were out, maybe it's that," so I had some pasta for dinner.  He was fussy all night, wouldn't go to sleep until an hour later than he normally does, and just had a bad evening.

Fast forward to this morning; he had a poopy diaper.  There was lots of mucous in it, and maybe a little blood.  I called the allergist to see if the scratch test could've caused a reaction like that and they told me no, so it was definitely the wheat.  I feel so bad, because I noticed reactions last time I tried, but I tried again because a doctor told me that it didn't make sense for him to be reacting.  So I went against my instincts because a doctor told me to, and C had to suffer for it.  I can handle another 8 months of going without so C is healthy and comfortable.  It's not his fault or his choice that I have to restrict my diet, so I'm not going to punish him for it.

Here's some info I found:

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