Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poor Baby :(

I posted before about how we're dairy and soy free.  We didn't know that Connor was intolerant to soy, we eliminated it as a precaution because of it's correlation with dairy intolerances.  Bryan found out online, and I did some further research, and we found out that most people who can't tolerate soy can tolerate soybean oil, because it's highly refined and usually doesn't trigger a reaction.  I was so excited, because a LOT of food has soybean oil, and it would've meant a lot more things I can eat.

So the day before yesterday, I ate soybean oil to see if we got a reaction.  BIG mistake.  We had such a bad day yesterday.  Connor didn't sleep, he was super fussy, gassy, had stomach pains, and diarrhea all day.  He wouldn't let me put him down, and I had to be either up and walking around or rocking or bouncing him all. day. long.  It turns out, he's not only soy intolerant, but also extremely sensitive to it.

Today we're already doing better.  He's still fussy and gassy, but it'll take a couple days for the soy to get completely out of his system.  This means that not only do I have to learn to cook (eek!), but I have to cook from SCRATCH.  No boxes or shortcuts, because almost everything has dairy, soy, or both.  I think I'm going to create a food blog (never thought I'd type that sentence... ) about recipes I've tried, how easy they are (I'm going to try and stick with fast and easy until I get some cooking skill under my belt), and how they taste.  I'll add a link once I get it going.

Here's a picture of Connor from earlier today:


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to let you know that you might want to do some research about the paleo diet. My husband does crossfit and the paleo diet is something that many crossfitters also do.

    A good resource for recipes is:
    Here is an entire post dedicated to breast feeding and this way of eating:

  2. I came across your blog from and I wanted to mention soy lethicin does not bother my niece who is allergic to soy. I guess it doesn't have the protein in it. HTH!


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