Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tagging up the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching which means there will be lots of family, food, and GIFTS!!  I love giving gifts and seeing my family open them, and I'm usually just as excited as they are for their presents.  I will admit though, that I've never been a huge fan of wrapping.  I'm more about what's inside than presentation, and I like the ease and convenience of gift bags.

I was at the craft store recently and when I saw these brown paper gift bags I had a great idea!!  I decided to find myself some pretty glittery paper, use my Silhouette Cameo to create custom tags for the gift recipients, and my work would be done.  Cute, personalized gift wrapping without all the folding and trying to make neat corners and smooth out the lumps in my wrapping paper.

I just used my text tool to create a name (my sister, Tania's), added a .5 inch offset, then a .25 inch circle in the corner of the offset background for a little twine to go.  And that's all!!  Super quick and easy :)

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