Tuesday, March 15, 2011


C is growing and learning so fast I can't handle it!  First, he took his first (very small) steps at Grandma's house yesterday, then he said "more" in sign language today!  Wow!  It is so amazing to see him understanding so much and being so awesome.  He makes me smile every day, and I just feel so blessed to be his mom.

Along with being more mobile, he's being more mischevious.  He gets into everything, and of course finds the things he's not supposed to have the most interesting.  He's been sick-ish for the past 3 weeks or so with a cough and snotty/runny nose.  When he developed a fever I took him to the doctor and we got antibiotics and a breathing treatment (he was wheezing, which worries me because my husband has asthma and I think C is going to end up having it as well).  C is doing much better and is left with just a gunky nose, but after 3 weeks of keeping it at bay, I've started to come down with whatever he has!  Nothing terrible except a very annoyingly scratchy throat.  I'm hoping that it won't develop into more.

We have a VERY big time coming up.  We will be moving into our very own house at the beginning of May (yayyyy!!!) and then, of course, I have a first birthday to plan for May 20th!  I can't wait to be in our own home, but I am a bit nervous about moving into a 2-story house with a one year old, especially because the entire downstairs is tile floors.  But it will be so much better; I'll have an actual space for sewing, we'll have a reading nook, and we'll (hopefully) be able to de-clutter better.  I'm really excited to be in the house, but not excited to move.   I hate moving.  It's not fun for anybody.  If we were rich I'd pack only the things that have strong sentimental value and leave the rest behind, buying new stuff that could be delivered to the new house, lol.   Alas, it's time to start getting stuff together, organizing, and packing so hopefully the move/unpacking with go smoothly.

Oh, and I'm turning 23 soon!  I'm wishing for a Kindle ;)