Saturday, April 23, 2011

11 Months

Ok so C was 11 months a few days ago, but we've been busy :)

C is officially walking, and he's walking EVERYWHERE!  It's amazing what he can get into, he definitely keep me on my toes.  His first official word is "uh-oh," which he says when he throws something, when he falls on his butt from walking around, when he wants to throw something, or when he sees something fall.  He's also saying "that," "dada," "mama," and he's babbling like crazy, experimenting with new sounds.  It's fascinating to watch him and realize how much he understands and how much he's learning every day.  I'm sure he's a perfectly normal, average baby, but I feel like he's a genius!!

I can't believe that his first birthday is less than a month away, and we have so much to do before it gets here!  The people who were renting our house have moved out and now we're doing a deep clean to make it livable (3 dudes and 2 dogs in one house leave a certain... odor) so we can get moved in this week.  I'm SO excited to be out of our apartment and in our house finally, we've been homeowners but not home dwellers since last October.  C's first birthday party will also act as a housewarming party since it will be the first time we'll have all of our friends and family in one place since we've been in the new house.  On one hand I'm excited to have everyone here, on the other hand I'm stressing about getting the whole house unpacked and organized so I can give tours!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy brain

It's real, I swear.  In the 10 1/2 months that C has been alive, I don't think I've been on time to a single thing.  No matter how much extra time I give myself to get ready, there's always something.  C wants to nurse while I'm trying to straighten my hair, he falls and bonks his head while I'm putting on makeup, he needs a new diaper while I'm trying to pack the diaper bag, etc.

Half the time I'll be on my way, with my hand on the doorknob, totally on time, and realize I forgot to put wipes in the diaper bag, or we can't find a binky, or C finds something to spill on himself, warranting the need for an outfit change.

Then, inevitably, we get in the car or to our destination and SOMETHING was forgotten.  Or I have to turn around 3 times to run back in the house to grab something.  Sigh.

So yes, everyone, mommy brain does exist.  And if I ever make plans with you, expect me to be at least 30 minutes late.