Sunday, November 14, 2010


I just wanted to tell the story behind the inspiration for this store.  I love sewing and creating (heck, I got my college degree in fashion design!), and I love being at home with C.  Since he came along, I've been scouring the internet looking for things that he would like that I could make myself.  By making them myself, not only would I save money, but I also get to customize everything, from fabric colors/patterns, to how it fits, to size, etc.  I love taking a basic pattern and making changes to it (improvements, in my opinion, lol) to make it my own.  

My first foray into baby stuff was the crinkle tag blankets.  How neat is it for a soft, fuzzy, cuddly blanket to have ribbon loops that C can grab onto (I can confirm that the ribbons mean this blanket winds up on the ground a whole lot less than other ones do), and, best of all, to make a fun crinkly sound!  I found super soft bumpy chenille fabric for one side, and cozy cotton flannel for the other side.  I chose ribbons of different widths and textures; one was satiny smooth, one was sheer and had that netted texture, and the other was thick and woven.  I wanted to include as many different mediums as I could so baby can explore and learn through touch.

After I made C's blanket I posted pictures because I was very proud of myself.  I had a few people interested in some for their kids, and I thought that I could sell a few to make a little extra money (or at least to support my addiction to buying fabric).  I always buy WAY more fabric than I need because I'm paranoid about not having enough for my project, which means I always have plenty of leftovers hanging out.

My second project was an owl.  C has big, round, brown eyes that he got from his mommy (seriously, I can't even tell you how many comments we get on his eyes; they're his most prominent feature).  Our friends started calling him "Owl Baby," and it just stuck.  I ordered him an owl hat with big brown eyes from a fellow crafty momma, and from that moment on, I knew that C and owls would always go together.  Being a crazy first time mom, I started looking around for ideas for his first birthday party when he was 5 1/2 months old.  I happened upon this blog and thought, "OWLS!  Duh!  This is genius, why didn't I think of it before?"  An adorable stuffed owl on that page led me to this one, and I was ecstatic!  This was absolutely perfect for C, and I want to create an entire stuffed owl army with different sizes and colors!  

I tweaked that pattern a bit; changed the eyes, added a "butt" so the owl sits up on its own, and started with neutral colors (that just happen to match his owl hat!).  And here we are.  I've purchased the creator's commercial use license, which means I am allowed to create (by hand) and sell items using their pattern without infringing on any rights.  I think legally I would've been ok because of the changes I've made, but I want to give credit where credit is due and I don't want to step on any toes.

Currently I'm working on making pajama pants for my whole family to wear when we open Christmas presents (that's 9 pairs that I need to have ready in a month, oh boy), I have C's stocking to make, and I want to try my hand at making some cloth diapers (another very expensive habit of mine is buying diapers).  Right now my store is bare bones and pitiful with only two items, but soon (after the holidays, perhaps?) I'll be trying out new things, adding new items, and *hopefully* expanding.  I hope you enjoy my creations! 

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