Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aaaaaand, we're mobile!

C has figured out how to get around.

"B!!!  Is he crawling?!?!" you say? No, no he is not.

C's mode of transport is a combination of rolling, scooting, and the worm.  He'll mash his face into the carpet and get on his knees/feet to scoot his butt up, then wiggle forward a bit.  Then he'll pull with his arms, then he'll roll a couple times, until he finds the corner of the couch and chews for a bit.

In between his rolling and worming, he lies on his belly and just relaxes on the floor for a minute (I'm sure that big head gets heavy!), then he's back up, finding his way around the living room.  It's really exciting and I am a super proud momma, but it does kinda suck that if I run to the kitchen to get something to drink or switch the laundry real quick, he's in a completely different place, facing a different direction, than from where I left him.

Crawling is just around the corner!!!

Oh yeah, and he says "Mama" when he cries.  Not so much when he's happy, but I like to think that he just really needs me when he's sad so he saves his special word for when he needs that extra comfort.  <3

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