Monday, August 27, 2012

August is Busy

I've totally been slacking on exercises (surprise, surprise, right?).  But, M is pulling up on everything and I'm sure will be cruising any day now, she has TWO teeth (came in just a few days apart), and is just getting super mobile and active, which is keeping me on my toes constantly.

C loves loves LOVES swimming and is completely fearless.  We have to make sure he has floaties or a vest on any time we're at a pool because he will just jump into the deep end no problem.  He's doing really well, kicking and can almost swim on his own, but not quite.  He doesn't care if he goes underwater or anything, he just loves the water.  It's gotten to the point where he spends most of the day wearing a floatie (usually just one, lol) because he finds it and brings it to me to put on him.  It's pretty hilarious.

I've added a way to share pictures with my blog more easily.  If you look to the right ---> on the sidebar, I have a slideshow feed of my Instagram pictures.  So I can upload pictures of the kids on my phone, and it shows up here!  How convenient!

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