Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Ab Challenge

What is today, August 15th?  I've been a huge slacker.  The 11th, I didn't do any exercises.  We were leaving for home the next morning so I spent the night furiously packing and hunting down tiny shoes and lost sippy cups. 

The 12th was a day full of traveling.  3 hours in the car, wrangling 2 kids, 2 car seats, 2 bags, and 2 carry-ons in the airport, a 2 hour flight, then having to get everything back into a car, to drive across town, eat out, and finally go home.  I didn't do ab exercises but I did go on a 30 minute walk in the morning before we left, and I had a good 30-45 minutes of walking around the airport with a 20+ lb baby on my back and various bags I was carrying, so I definitely got a workout in! 
The 13th, I again did nothing.  My sister and her 2 kids are staying at our house, so we haven't been able to get back into our routine yet, and things are just plain hectic. 

Last night, the 14th, I did a few, but not as much as I should have.  25 In n Outs, 25 Bicycles, 25 Reverse Bicycles, and 50 Kayakers. 

Today I did 25 deep squats while I was getting ready in the morning.  I haven't done ab workouts, but it is in my plan.  I usually wait until after the kids are in bed, so late at night.  I have to keep my motivation going!!

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