Friday, March 16, 2012

Slowly but surely, I'm turning into a hippy

I like to think that I'm merely taking steps to benefit the overall health of my family (and save money in the process!), my family thinks that it's just a matter of time before I'm sporting dreadlocks, tie dye, and am sitting in a drum circle.

It all started when I got pregnant with my son.  I have had eczema and super sensitive skin my entire life and I know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to have problem skin.  I figured that C would end up inheriting my skin issues (unfortunately I was right) and decided to use cloth diapers.  I thought, why spend money on disposables, try a bunch of different brands, and deal with a rash for however long before switching to cloth?  Let's just go right to the gentlest, healthiest option from the get-go.  I did use a diaper service for 4 months before deciding to save money and invest in a stash of my own to wash at home.

Then, C had his allergies and I had to change the way I viewed food.  When I had to read every single label and pore over ingredient lists to make sure there weren't hidden allergens, I realized how much crap was in processed foods.  Don't get me wrong, now that I'm able to eat again I give in to convenience plenty, but I'm so much better than I was before I had kids when it comes to my diet.  I cook a lot more and am using and eating more whole, natural foods.  Plus, I'm very picky about what my kids eat because even though he has outgrown his allergies, C's tummy is still sensitive and can't be overloaded with too much of any one allergen.  Excess grease and chemicals also irritate his digestion, so we can't eat out too often.  Good for my family's health, but my lazy side is still fighting me, lol.  It's a constant goal that I'm working towards.  It's slow going, because I love sweets and I'm not a great cook yet, but I'm trying.

Now I'm looking for natural, healthier, cheaper alternatives to normal health and hygiene products.  I hate, HATE the dentist and I have bad teeth.  I recently started reading about tooth remineralization (this blog is a great source with tips for homemade toothpaste, a diet to improve your teeth, and the use of activated charcoal in oral health) and so I have made my own toothpaste, added a Vitamin D supplement to my daily routine, and am trying an activated charcoal treatment for my teeth as well.  I also heard about oil pulling, and I might give that a shot.

My already sensitive skin has freaked out even more with the continuous hormonal changes over the past 2 1/2 years (pregnant, then nursing, then pregnant while nursing, then just pregnant, now nursing again) and the lotions that have never failed me my entire life are now irritating my skin.  Gah!!  I don't have the desire or the money to try out a bunch of different sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, extra moisturizing, special formula, blabbity blah lotions.  So I've started using coconut oil in my baths (relaxing AND nourishing for my skin), and as a lotion.  my skin actually holds a bit of moisture, and I don't get rashes!  Yay!

More and more I'm appreciating knowing and being able to pronounce what goes into and on my body and more importantly, my children's bodies.  If that makes me a hippy, I can live with that.

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