Monday, August 29, 2011

Trying to meet a midwife, feel like I'm interviewing for a job.

I called to try and set up an interview appointment with a hospital midwife, and was sent to my old OB practice.  There is only one midwife who delivers at the hospital near me and is accepting December due dates, and she is not only in the same practice, but the same office as my old OB.  Fun times.  He has lots and lots of patients and won't even remember me, right??

Before they'll even allow me to meet her, I need to fax over my prenatal records from this pregnancy so far.  Thankfully, since I'm already in their system and they have my insurance information, this is going to be a lot less of a headache than it could've been.  Why am I jumping through hoops just to talk to someone to see if I might want her to be my care provider?  Sigh.  My only hope is that the staff has to put me through all this crap so when I meet her she can be super nice and helpful without having to worry about paperwork or technicalities.  

Oh, one more thing, I'll fax my records tomorrow and then I'm supposed to get a phone call to set up an appointment.  Since I don't want to wait forever I should just call them, right?  Kindof a, "hey, just wanted to make sure the fax went through and you guys have everything you need" type of thing?

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