Sunday, August 28, 2011

Possible birth compromise

So. The hospital near us (as in literally a minute's drive away) now offers midwives as an option for giving birth. I'm going to call tomorrow to try and set up some interviews with them and see if that's a good option for us. Hubby still isn't really on board with the whole home birth thing, and these services will be covered by insurance, which is an extra bonus!

I'm really hoping they offer the birthing options that are important to me, because this could be the middle ground that Bryan and I have been searching for. Wish me luck, that I'll like one of the midwives and won't get bullied into a hospital birth experience that I don't want!! Also that the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly and safely, because if I join this practice I'm sure I'll be handed off to an OB at the slightest sign of a complication.

There are rumors floating around that they might allow me to bring a tub into the hospital, but I can see that being a pain in the ass. My main goal for labor this time is freedom of movement, minimal poking/prodding, and being able to push when and how I feel is most comfortable and most effective. If I can achieve that in a hospital, I'll be a happy camper with a happy husband :)  I would still much prefer a home birth, but I'm not the only parent in this family and hubby needs to be comfortable with the situation, especially since he's going to be my coach and it will be his job to support me and keep me calm during labor.

I wish things weren't so complicated.

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