Sunday, April 21, 2013

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I've been horribly absent from the blog, and even worse, no recent pics!  I'm here to fix it.
Disneyland Trip= grumpy babies?

So after SIX MONTHS of back and forth with our insurance company and jumping through hoops we finally got approval for C to receive ABA therapy.  We've started 10 hours a week in our home (he does a two hour session every day during the week), and we're hoping to expand that to 20 hours a week once he adjusts and gets used to the new schedule.

We've done two full weeks of ABA and... it's tough.  It's really draining for C, emotionally and mentally.  He's gotten super attached to the binky again and has a bit of a temper, but we're learning to cope.  Overall, it's amazing to see the progress that he's made.  He's understanding and talking so much more, it's just constant progress.  We're doing lots of chill time and play time throughout the day to counteract the stress he's feeling from the therapy and learning to find the balance.

C loves the teacups!!

Love that sweet smile

M is getting so big!!  She's keeping up with her brother in running, climbing, and getting into things. She's so smart and figuring stuff out that frankly, I wish she wouldn't! Lol.  Counters are no longer safe, because she finds a stool or a chair to push around and climb on to reach what she's looking for.  She is silly and sweet and funny and a drama queen!  She's hard to keep up with, that's for sure.
Trying on swimsuits on Easter

She loves Elmo

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