Friday, November 30, 2012

No 'Poo

Have you heard of the "no 'poo method"?  It's a haircare routine that uses NO shampoo or conditioner. Various words may pop into your head.  Probably along the lines of: what, gross, dirty, stinky, etc.  But guess what?  Turns out it's pretty awesome.

I used the same measurements and method found here.  She has links and some great information on the how and the why of cleaning your hair without shampoo.  I use vinegar every single time, and I use more of that because my hair tends to be drier and the vinegar is an amazing smoother and detangler.  I can tell you that my hair does not smell dirty, it definitely does not smell like vinegar.  It has no smell at all!

I'm 2 weeks in, my hair is happy and healthy and manageable.  I used to have to use mousse or hairspray constantly to control flyaways, but now a little water on the tips of my fingers smooths it down just fine.  I haven't gotten to that point yet, but if I get desperate I think a TINY amount of coconut oil would fix everything.  So my recommendation is: give it a try!!  It can't hurt anything, and it's very cheap (or, if you're like me and have baking soda and apple cider vinegar on hand, it's free!!).  What do you have to lose?  Except for the expensive products.

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  1. I'd be interested to find out how people with long hair like this method. Not to offend anyone, but short hair doesn't get a chance to show damage from being treated harshly like long hair does.

  2. I have been using this method for 2 weeks or so as well, and my hair is fairly long. It goes to about halfway down my back (it's actually 11 inches from my chin since I measured it a week ago to see if it was long enough for donation). I love using no 'poo! My hair looks so much healthier as does my scalp. Before, my scalp was always flaky and dry, and I constantly had white flakes all over my shirts. AND it would look greasy within 24 hours if not immediately when I stepped out of the shower. Regular shampoo was too heavy for my thin hair. Since I've been doing the no 'poo, I have seen maybe two flakes? And it doesn't look greasy unless I go more than 4 or 5 days without washing it (don't judge, haha). It's been amazing.

    And I was worried about the tangling and smell as well, but there's no smell and my hair tangles less than when I was using the expensive conditioner and leave-in conditioners. The only weird thing with this method is there is no foaming or lathering. At first it seemed weird, like my hair wasn't going to get clean since I couldn't get a good lather going, but now I'm used to it. HTH!

  3. I actually did this for a couple of months earlier this year. I ended up having to cut around five inches off due to damage. The ends (we're talking a matter of inches) got really dry and started splitting.

    I really wanted to like this method, but I didn't experience any of the wonderful things other people did. My hair ends got dry and damaged, my hair near the scalp and the scalp itself were okay to oily, and I started getting dandruff. Combined with the near constant itchiness of my scalp, I decided to just give up. It wasn't worth looking and feeling like crap.

    That's why I am searching for long-haired people who have had this work for them. It seems like everyone I see online who has done it for a long time has short hair. And very few of them post photos. I'll be interested in hearing how it goes for you.


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