Friday, August 10, 2012

August Ab Challenge; days 9 & 10

I skipped day 9.  Foiled again by a cranky M who wouldn't sleep anywhere but on my chest. She wins again.

But today, day 10, I am doing I think my best workout yet!!  I did 25 In n Outs, 25 Bicycles, 25 Reverse Bicycles, 10 Crunchy Frog, 10 Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit ups, 25 Scissors, 25 Hip Butt Ups, 25 Heels to the Heavens, 24 Leg Climbers, and 50 Kayakers!!  On a couple I did lower reps, and I skipped only one exercise.  I'm very proud of myself :)  It's so nice to see that 10 days ago, I couldn't even get through 4 of these exercises, and now I've done 10!!  I'm getting stronger and that is so cool.

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