Monday, August 6, 2012

August Ab Challenge, days 5 & 6

Once again, my children foil my fitness plans.  Yesterday (day 5) I didn't do any ab workouts.  Remember how I was supposed to do 2 to make up for the day before? Nope.

Today, I think I should get a little credit for having 20+ lbs of baby attached to me all day.  And I mean ALL. DAY.  I don't know if M is going through a growth spurt or not adjusting to vacation well or the altitude is messing with her or what, but she has been a huge grumper pants.  She's napped off and on basically all day, but if she's awake, she wants me.  No Daddy, no Gram, no Auntie, even if we're in the same room or sitting right next to each other, Mommy is the only acceptable baby holder and that's that.  Dude, my back hurts.  I love having a healthy, chunky, squishy baby, don't get me wrong, but when my 7 month old is the size of the average one year old it makes the constant carrying difficult.  Most kids this size are walking!  My whole body hurts, but especially my back.  Arg.

Anyway, I did do something today.  I did leg climbers (10 on each side), 25 In n Outs, 50 Kayakers (at this point I had to stop because M woke up- not so easy to keep up with anything when your momentum is killed in the middle of it), 25 Scissors, and 25 of the Hip Butt Ups.

Overall I'm finding myself using my abs more in everyday life.  I'm paying closer attention to my posture, trying to tuck my pelvis back so the front pooch I have isn't as prominent, and trying to keep my core supported as much as I can.  I know I'm not doing great, or nearly as much as I should be, but I'm happy with my baby steps for now :)

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