Friday, August 3, 2012

August Ab Challenge, days 1&2

Ok, when I stumbled across this pin on Pinterest, I was encouraged. Visible results with no lost weight, just toning up.  Doesn't she look fabulous?  That led me to this blog that has the actual workout routine for you, laid out and presented in pictures.  I thought, "I can do that.  Just me and the floor, no equipment 15 mins a day?  Cake.  Bring it on."

Day 1:  I was wrong.  So very, very wrong.  I didn't realize how out of shape I actually am and how 2 pregnancies back to back completely obliterated my core.  I have NO abdominal/core strength.  At all.  it's like I'm forging brand new muscles because my old ones are just gone.  I got through the first four exercises (mind, there are 11); In-N-Outs, Bicycles, Reverse Bicycles, and Crunchy Frog.  And "got through" is being very generous.  My form was awful.  My legs were bent, my feet were on the floor, and I literally could not manage to get them done. My reverse bicycles were a hot mess, I could not for the life of me coordinate that cycling motion backwards, so it was more like a desperate flailing of legs. It was pitiful.  And after my 4 sets of completely terrible exercises, I was beat.  And the next day?  Sore.  Not, "can't move or get out of bed" sore but definitely a noticeable burn.  This is going to be a long month.

Day 2:  Ok, since yesterday, was a fail, I'm going to go into today with lower expectations.  I did Scissors (25 reps),  Hip Butt Ups (15 reps), Heels to the Heavens (15 reps), Leg Climbers (6 each side), and finally 34 Kayakers.  An improvement since yesterday, but still pretty lame.  My abs were screaming, but what I did not expect to happen was my ribs slipping out of place.  several times.  On both sides.  Ouch.

The crunching up paired with complete and utter lack of abdominal muscle support means my ribs basically folded in on themselves (thank you for loosening those up, M) and holy crap it hurt.  It would happen a couple times, I'd move on to another exercise, be ok for a few reps, then it started happening again.  Ouch.  I'm determined to keep up my ab challenge and do something every single day, at least a few minutes, because obviously I need it.  Maybe planks or something that will keep my torso straight.  I think I'll factor in a few yoga stretches as well.  I will continue trying the exercises from the above blog, and hopefully by the end of the month will have worked my way up to that level.

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