Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Ab Challenge: day 4

Today was a fail. I had like 3 hours of sleep, followed by a disastrous morning. Leaving the house to go to the airport for vacation, we see our tire has a nail. Sticking out. And it's making an ominous "ssssssssssssss" noise, so not drivable. We pull the car out to change the tire real quick and it turns out we DON'T HAVE A SPARE. How is that possible? Excellent question, and one we will be asking the dealership when we get home. Ok, let's put it back in the garage and just take my mom's car since she's driving us anyways. Except wait, our car battery died!! So we had to jump the car just to back it into the garage. Oh man. So we get both carseats and all of our luggage somehow Tetrised into my mom's little Camry, and I was squished in the back with the two carseats, off to the airport, thankfully with time to make it to our plane.

Security was a breeze, they let me keep M on my back in the Ergo (did you know as long as you don't set off metal detectors you can do that now? It's awesome. SO much easier) and we got to the gate fine. But then we were on a plane for 2 hours. Both kids were wonderful, but it's a plane. Not the epitome of comfort or ideal napping location.

Off the plane, grabbed some lunch and a quick Target trip for diapers, and it was into the rental car for a 3 hour drive to our destination. I think I managed a 30 minute nap, but still. Not comfy. So my body is angry.

I tried In-N-Outs and felt like my lower abs were tearing in half. Not like "ooh, good workout," more like "ow, impending injury." Along with the pulling in my lower back, I pushed through 15 but felt like I was going to hurt myself.

So. Fail. I'm hoping to get a semi-decent night of sleep, and I will try and work in an extra Ab session tomorrow to make up for today. Blah.

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