Friday, August 3, 2012

August Ab Challenge, day 3

Still sore.  Is it weird that feeling sore makes me more confident?  It's like I've been reminded that I actually have ab muscles, somewhere, hidden under layers of not-pretty stuff.  Anyway, today I did better.  I didn't almost die, and my ribs stayed in place, so yay!  (Here's the exercises, by the way).

Ok so I did 25 bicycles, 25 reverse bicycles (and even maintained decent form!), 15 of the crunchy frogs, and then I did two 30-second planks.  The second plank was hard, I almost didn't make it, but I was staring down that clock, man.  I'm improving and doing something every day (so far), so that works for me.  All I can do is keep trying.

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