Monday, May 7, 2012

4 months as a family of 4

I can't believe that M is four months old already!  She is such a chunker, it's so different from when C was a baby.  Even now, his clothes size matches up with his age, but M is already in 9 month clothes!  She is 17 lbs and 4 oz, which is the average weight of a baby over 7 months old!  She just needs more room to fit all of her cuteness in.  Don't believe me?  Check it out for yoruself!

C will be 2 at the end of this month, I can't even believe it.  He is mischievous and climbing on EVERYTHING and generally getting into trouble, but he is so funny and such a great big brother.  Most of the time he just ignores M and does his own thing, but when he does pay attention to her he's so sweet and caring.  The other day she was crying and he climbed up on the couch next to her to give her a hug and a kiss.  My heart just melted.  He's great at his wooden puzzles, and he does several at once because one is just too easy.  He's obsessed with cars, trucks, anything with wheels.  He just wants to know how things work.

I can't believe how blond he is.  He and M have opposite coloring; he is blond with tan skin, and she has dark hair and fair skin.  They do have their brown eyes in common, though.

The past three days C has been sick, poor guy.  He's working on his 2 year molars and at first I thought that was the issue, but he's been exhausted and having a lot of tummy trouble.  I actually meant to finish and post this on Friday but I spent all weekend cuddling in bed and doing laundry.  Also giving several showers a day, since wipes can only do so much.  Here's some snapshots of the past couple days:

Zoning Out

Drawing, very seriously

C is still sleepy and grumpy today, but his fever is gone and he's a little bit back to his old self.  He's actually playing at smiling a bit, which is more than I've gotten the past couple days, where if he was awake he was whining or staring off into space.

Well, that's what I have so far!  C goes in for his 2 year checkup in a couple weeks, so I'll do my best to get an update in then :)

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  1. They are so cute. And I can't believe how many things you have on your blog. I feel like a complete idiot because I don't understand any of it.


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