Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Connor Update

Since I last wrote, we found out that Connor has a cow's milk protein allergy.  We've been to the hospital and doctor several times for a range of issues including Acid Reflux, vomiting, fussiness, and blood in his stool.  I cut dairy and soy from my diet (60% of babies with cow's milk protein allergy also have a soy allergy), and Connor has been doing much better.  He's gaining weight, and is in the 25th percentile for height and weight, and the 50th percentile for head size.

We saw a pediatric GI today and he looked at Connor's symptoms and agreed that it's a cow's milk protein allergy.  He said that I need to stay dairy and soy free until Connor is 6-9 months old, and at that point we'll do some blood tests and see if we can reintroduce some foods.  It's been a rough few weeks, but we're working through it.

Here's a picture of Connor at 1 month old:

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