Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Connor is losing weight :(

So at his one week appointment, Connor was gaining weight and was up to 7lbs 8oz (he got down to 7lbs 5oz in the hospital).  A week later we went back to the doctor to get Connor circumcised (which ended up not happening, but that's a different story), and he had lost weight and was back down to 7lbs 5oz.  The pediatrician told us to feed him every 2 hours and to come back today to check his weight again.

All week, Connor had been eating every 2 hours or less (occasionally making it to 3 hours, but a lot of times only going one hour between feedings), and I thought for SURE that he would've gained weight.  Well, he lost another ounce, and is down to 7lbs 4oz at this point.  I know my supply isn't an issue, I have a ton of milk, I just don't know why he's not getting what he needs!

So, now we're giving him formula so we can monitor how much he eats and his calorie intake, and we'll see the doctor again on Friday.  In the meantime, I'll be pumping and saving my breast milk for future use.  If on Friday he is still losing weight (or isn't gaining), we'll have to check him into the hospital until we figure out what the issue is.  I'm so afraid for my little guy, and can't help but feel guilty.  Bryan is supposed to return to work on Saturday, but he has more time available to take off if we end up having to take Connor to the hospital.

I'm really hoping that after our appointment I can go back to breast feeding, or at least pumping and giving him breast milk in a bottle.  I also hope that whatever is going on with him is easily fixed or managed so Connor isn't sick or in pain; I feel so helpless for my poor little baby.  Please keep us in your prayers.

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