Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Announcement!!

The other day we went to get an ultrasound at this great place in town called Miracles in Progress.  They do 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds, can tell you the sex of the baby, and give you pictures and video of your little one.  I was anxious to find out what we were having, so we went ahead and made an appointment, and let me tell you, I think we might end up going back later in the pregnancy.  It was such an amazing experience, they were so nice, the room was spacious and comfortable, the screen was huge, and it was so relaxing!  I didn't feel rushed like I do when I'm getting an ultrasound at a doctor's office.

Our news is, Firecracker is a GIRL!!!  I am absolutely over the moon excited and can't wait to meet her :)  I already have about 50 projects running through my mind of things that I want to sew for her, lol.  It was so amazing to see her moving, kicking, she even got hiccups and it was hilarious to watch her bounce around for a few minutes!  Want to see a picture?  Oh, ok:

Her body is on the left, head on the right (looking up), and she has her hand in front of her face <3

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