Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High/low day.

Today (well, it's past midnight so technically yesterday) was C's third birthday.  My sweetest baby boy, I can't believe he's three.  My husband had to work so it was a low key day.  He got to open the truck he picked out at the store this weekend, we took him to lunch at a restaurant that serves GF pizza AND GF deep dish cookies with ice cream on top so he got a really yummy meal.  We came home, hubs left for work, and C, M, and I hung out and watched Wreck It Ralph all day while C played with his new truck.  It was a pretty good day overall.

GF pizza and strawberry lemonade

Yummy Cookie

Lately my grandpa hasn't been doing well.  He's been very sick, in and out of the hospital with a multitude of health issues and complications.  He's about an hour and a half away; tomorrow well, today) I was planning on driving out to see him with my brother.  It's my husband's day off so he would be able to keep the kids since I can't take them into a hospital and the drive would be rough anyways because poor C gets carsick on long trips.  Except at 11:41 pm my mom called me to let me know that my grandpa had passed.  

I can't believe I missed him by 12 hours.  My Papa, who played the guitar and sang and cooked for us.  Who always had a joke, was hilariously sarcastic, and had an impressive collection of cowboy hats.  A master carpenter who would sketch something on a napkin at breakfast, disappear into his garage shop, and come back at dinner with a new piece of furniture built.  I remember collecting quartz in the desert with my grandma to go on the big elaborate fireplace he was building for their house, and how excited he would get when he showed us his latest project and how it worked, or how perfectly it held whatever he built it to hold.  He was a history buff and I always loved his stories.  He was one of my favorite people to be around, and I'll always cherish the many happy memories of the time I spent with him growing up.  I love you Papa, you will be missed.  I wish my kids would've gotten the chance to know you the way I did.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss! Your Papa sounds like he was a wonderful man. My Grandpa also played the guitar and was a great carpenter. :ehugs:

    Also, little C, again Happy Birthday!


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