Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Ab Challenge, Day 7

Hello!!  Today was another day of a super grumpy M who needed Mommy and ONLY Mommy all day long.  I hope it eases up a bit tomorrow, since it's the hubs' and my 4th wedding anniversary!  We don't want to do anything very special, but we were hoping for a dinner out alone, and babysitters are required, but I feel so guilty leaving if she's going to be upset the entire time.  Poor girl.

Today I finally got her asleep and resting, so I got to do ab exercises until I fatigued (which is still an embarrassingly few number of exercises, but I feel the burn!).  I did 25 each of In N Outs, Bicycles, Reverse Bicycles, Hip Butt Ups, and Heels to the Heavens.

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